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It’s a long journey from deciding on the perfect story to character design to storyboard. For all that work, we really enjoy the process of reviving our scholar’s stories. We hope the result is worth the effort and that you enjoy Tales of Nasreddin Hodja as much as we do. Here’s a short overview of how you can help us to adapt more stories:


Leave your feedback. What do you like? What would you change? Your feedback is the key to our improvement. How about emailing our hodja? Even though he’s not a digital native (but a native of wisdom nevertheless), he’s always checking his emails as busy as a bee. ;-)

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This is how it works:

You use your flattr-account to define a monthly budget, let’s say 4 euro. Over the month, you’ve “flattred” 10 websites, i.e. your monthly budget will equally be distributed to each “flattred” website. In our example, each website would get 40 cent. If you “flattr” 20 websites, those websites will get 20 cent each.

In case you would like to support a specific website regularly via flattr, subscribing is your best option. There’s a slight difference to the normal use of flattr: each month, your subscribed website will automatically appear on your flattr list. As you can see, these donations are very small (microdonations); however, they help much more than you might expect.


Click on the ‘donate’ button (to be found in the footer as well) and you will be able to donate an amount of your choice. It is entirely up to you – if you think that our stories are and will be worth it, we are looking forward to any support whatsoever.

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Did you like our project? Add us on Facebook or keep commenting our stories. We are curious about how Tales of Nasreddin Hodja will progress and develop.