The enjoyable motion-comics
of Nasreddin Hodja

Once Upon a Time when the world was full of wonders, there lived a famous Turkish scholar by the name of Nasreddin – well known for his adventures, which, more often than not, put him into funny situations. It is here that we re-tell his stories. We had great fun adapting and re-creating his first stories, and we sincerely hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do. Have a look at our first stories and let yourself be entertained by the Tales of Nasreddin Hodja.

Das Rezept
Billige Esel
Der Mund ist kein Sack
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Animation and Music

You will be able to experience my most popular stories in a most imaginative and enchanting way. They are both beautifully illustrated and thrillingly animated. The accompanying soundscape, in concert with stunning musical parts, will guide your way deep into the story world. Let yourself be carried away by the wonderful world of the Orient!

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A great amount of work and effort is necessary to re-create Nasreddin’s stories. If you like my adaptations, and if you would love to read more about the scholar’s adventures, I would very much appreciate your support – liking us on Facebook or small donations are only two of many options to show your support.

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You already know me, Nasreddin, the famous hodja (eng.: scholar) from Turkey? You have a favorite story? Soon, you will have a say in deciding which of my stories will be produced next. Keep up with my blog to learn more.

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